China: History, Politics and Economy of this Great Country Essay

China: History, Politics and Economy of this Great Country Essay

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China is an East Asian country roughly the size of the United States of America that boasts a history of great achievements. Nestled between Mongolia to the north and India and Vietnam to the south, China has a land area of approximately nine and a half million square kilometers (CIA - The World Factbook -- China). In all, China is bordered by thirteen countries including Afghanistan, North Korea, and the Russian Federation. China is accredited as being the oldest constant world civilization. Records dating as far back as 3,500 years have been collected. Successive dynasties gifted to China bureaucratic control of the country. This benefited China because it gave the country an advantage over the neighboring countries that were mainly constituted of nomadic cultures (History of China).
China has a widely diverse landscape. To the west one will find the Himalayas and Plateau of Tibet. South and east of the plateau is the point of origination for the Yangtze, Mekong, Brahmaputra, and Indus rivers. In the northern middle of mainland China lies the Gobi Desert (World Reference Atlas). The ruthless and rocky landscape expands over 500,000 square miles between China and Mongolia (Gobi Desert - New World Encyclopedia). In the east, China is fabricated of alluvial lowlands and low hills. The Yangtze extends across the country from the west to the east and deposits into the East China Sea just north of Shanghai. The Yangtze River is notable as China’s longest river and principle navigable waterway (World Reference Atlas). China has great advantages to assist economic development because it has 14,500 square miles of coastline. The Chinese utilize this geographical feature for importing and exporting, as well as for natural resources. Ch...

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