The China Central Television Headquarters Case Study Essays

The China Central Television Headquarters Case Study Essays

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Introduction 4
Section 1 | Building selection, analysis of structural system and building process 5
Section 1.1 | Building Selection
Section 1.2 | Analysis of the structural system
1.2a | Structural Form
1.2b | Structural Materials
1.2c | Method of structural stability
1.2d | Footings and foundations
1.2e | Constructability
Section 1.3 | Building Process
1.3a | Planning approvals
1.3b | Documentation
1.3c | Site Preparation
1.3d | Programming
Section 2 | Recommendations
Section 3 | Conclusion
Section 4 | References

The following report will use a case study to analyse the structural system of an existing high rise building, with this information recommendations will be made to the directors of an architectural firm wanting to move into this area of construction. In the structural analysis section the following areas will be discussed, structural form, structural material, method of structural stability, footings and foundations and constructability. Section two of this report will discuss the building process. Focusing on planning approvals, documentation required, site preparations and programming of construction. After this recommendations will be made followed by conclusions for the report.

Section 1 | Building, Structure, Process
This is the main section of the report. Covering the key elements of which building will be used for the case study, the analysis of the structural system used within the case study and the building process required for this type of development.
Section 1.1| Building Selection
The building that will be studied is the China Central Television Headquarters (CCTV) located in Beijing, China. This building does not foll...

... middle of paper ...

...e firm by gaining jobs by being different from standard designs which will be submitted by other firms. The materials recommended in this case study report are only recommendations, our firm needs to keep in mind that there are various types of jobs which will differ greatly. The structural process discussed is also in relation to the country of China, Australia has different standards in which need to be followed. The context of this building is also another consideration, being Beijing there are already several high rise structures in close proximity of this building, the site may not allow for similar construction methods used within this project.
In conclusion the report above outlines recommendations, which would set our designs apart from others. If our firm follows these suggestions I believe we will have a successful future in high rise tender projects.

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