China and Africa Trade Relations Essay

China and Africa Trade Relations Essay

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Today’s world is shrinking. Not literally of course, but the advances in technology make it easy to span thousands of miles of land and sea, so people can immediately communicate with each other. The internet has connected the world instantly, and planes make traveling from one side of the world to the other a piece of cake compared to the long, dangerous sea voyages of the past. People move and migrate constantly, all the while exchanging ideas and goods. Trade has always played an important role in human history. Whether the swapping of an apple for an orange, or $12 million dollars for a new dam, the fluid movement of goods and services from one to another is how humans have been able to receive things they might not have had access to before. In the international community, trade is more important than ever, as it helps nations create camaraderie between each other, while simultaneously building their economies.
Due to this, Africa has felt a burgeoning hope. With the dawning of each new day, it sees a new future. They have decided to look towards the rising sun. They have decided to turn their attention to the East. They have decided to welcome trade with China. However, no one knows exactly what the future holds. This uncertainty mirrors that uncertainty of the partnership itself. Is this just China serving its own interests? Some believe China is engaging in a new type of colonialism, that they are exploiting Africa. Others fear that China’s support is regressing the progress other nations have made with African government and humanitarian issues. However, based on the business that these countries are already participating in, it is unlikely that China is so heavily invested in Africa solely for its own i...

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