Chin A Communist Nation Of East Asia Essay

Chin A Communist Nation Of East Asia Essay

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China is a communist nation in East Asia. China is known for their influences and power over Asia and beyond. Even though their economic structure has fallen to an all time low. China imposes a great threat economically, as well as socially to other countries to include the United States of Americas with debt. China with the use of their three supporting environment elements; National pride with the use of a overwhelming mass military, substantial control of consuming the world through debt while empowering their economical growth, and the overall social class and control of their own lower classes’ human rights and censorship of its people. These key elements have made them the most feared and biggest threat in the world. With their overall goals bent on dominating Asia and the world beyond.

The Chinese in the 1980’s began a strategy in their economical shift. In the decades to come China will have established a large foreign investment by privatizing mass amounts of industries. Not just any industries but to dominate economical class of billionaires linked to capitalists overseas. This is where they establish the “borrowing” idea. What this cunning in its time would do is access the markets of foreign firms. This allows a massing amount of labor and mass productivity at a low cost. This ruined the national system of non-funding heath care and public education. Public housing fell and left millions of what they call peasants at the time homeless.

Factory workers were forced to work more for less. This provided real estate speculators to built and or construct private housing apartments and office skyscrapers.
China in the modern day rise to economic power is due to gigantic productivity. China’s ability in the...

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...sources to its population. An activist dinner social was broken up by Chinese police officers over ten activists we detain. The activist and blogger was detained Wang Wusi. The Activists’ were informed by law enforcement officials that they are not allowed to get together. There topic of their dinner was for just the same issue the detaining of activist.
China will remain the most feared and biggest threat in the world, with their overall goals bent on dominating Asia and the world beyond. China indebting their friends and foes to acquire their constant growth and economical power plus the overwhelming mass military that continues to rise in all areas of importance of any military land, sea and air. One can assume just that just in numbers alone, China would be a challenging enemy or great supporting ally to any counties no matter the purpose or intention.

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