The Chimpanzees On The Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve Essay

The Chimpanzees On The Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve Essay

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Goodall’s team initially encountered difficulties when attempting to study the chimpanzees on the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve. The chimpanzees were very distant and afraid of the new company. It is clear that it took quite a significant amount of time before Goodall could closely observe the chimpanzees without scaring them away. Goodall attempted to get closer observation in the beginning, but as the chimpanzees realized she was getting close they quickly fled. It was only after Goodall decided to go alone to the peak she often visited, that the chimps were less apprehensive of her presence. Previously she attempted to appear alone with her African companions by leaving them in a different area, but the chimpanzees appeared to notice what was going on. However, they became less tense after she was completely alone. Even after she figured out they were less tense when she was completely alone, this did not immediately ensure the acceptance of her presence. She would encounter a period of aggression and hostility from the chimpanzees. Goodall found herself being threatened by Goliath one of the dominant males, he violently shook the branches above her and let out violent screams. Goodall stood her ground and attempted to appear uninterested, and eventually the chimpanzees fled. This behavior would go on for five months, and one day Goodall finds herself in a situation where around 15 feet away a chimpanzee had his back turned towards her as he fed on fig. The chimpanzee which she calls Mike even stared at her casually over his shoulder as he continued to feed. This is evident that the chimpanzees initially felt fear to the new presence in their home territory, but once they are assured that she is not dangerous the tension disa...

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...ime get close enough to the chimpanzees in order to gain the knowledge and material needed in order to properly study chimpanzee behavior. Noting the compelling nature of Goodall’s research, I believe that without Goodall’s research the lack of information on chimpanzees and their behavior would be distressing. It isn’t often that we learn of a species that is deemed most biologically equivalent to us, and then find in that study that they are much similar to us. The chimpanzees live in group setting much like humans and our society. Chimpanzees also demonstrated use of tools in order to hunt for food, such as using leaf stems to fish for termites. They also demonstrated predatory behaviors in hunting and killing other larger mammals such as bushpigs, baboons, and other monkeys. In short the chimpanzee is an intriguing species that can be closely compared to humans.

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