Essay on The Chilean Mine Accident: What Happened

Essay on The Chilean Mine Accident: What Happened

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The Chilean mining accident

The recent 2010 Copiapó mining accident, to us known as the Chilean mining accident began on 5th of August 2010 as a large collapse at the San José copper-gold mine in the Atacama Desert. During the collapse there were thirty three men inside the mine; trapped 700 meters underground; five kilometers from the entrance. It is not surprising that the public thought that the miners would not have survived the collapse or starve to death. Thou it sounds like there is no escape, the miners survived underground for a record of sixty nine days.
The mine that collapse had a history of instability that had caused previous accidents, including death. Chile has a long tradition of mining, during the 20th century they made it as the world top producer of copper. According to a review of data collected by the state regulatory agency (Sernageomin data), since the year 2000, it is found out that there is an average of 34 deaths every year due to mining activity in Chile, with a peak of 48 in the year 2008. (Ethiraj, 2010)
More to the accident, when the collapse occurred there were two groups of miners. A dust cloud rose during the collapse, causing enduring eye irritation; blinding the miners for six hours. A first group of miners were near the entrance of the mine and escaped straight away without incident. The main group of thirty three miners was deep inside the mine—that consist of local workers and some subcontracted employees from a different company; who was unfortunate because they would not normally have been with them (Ethiraj, 2010).

The Company Background

The mine is owned by Empresa Minera San Esteban, a company notorious for having a poor safety record and suffered a series of accident, with s...

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