Essay about Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

Essay about Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

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Chilean Cooper Mind Collapse
Latricia Ann Johnosn
Ronald D. Baker
BCOM 275
April 14, 2014

Chilean Cooper Mind Collapse
Chilean Cooper Mind Collapsed August 5th 2010 in northern Chile. There were 33 miners trapped in a collapsed mine 2,300 feet below the ground level. They were told it would take four months before getting them out of the tunnel with out any hope of there being any survivors.
Two weeks later after the initial collapse, the first successful bore whole was drilled to reached the survivors; all 33 of the miners were still alive. The miners survive by limiting them selves to two spoons of tuna, a sip of milk, and bit of crackers and morsel or peaches, stretching supplies to last two weeks. They entertain them self by playing cards, games and singing. They used their head light from their hard hats to provide light for the dark tunnel. The rescue members did not let the families talk to them right off they wanted to make sure there mental state was all right. The mood was optimistic among the family members, especially the ones who camped at the mine site day and ni...

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