Children with Special Educational Needs in the UK

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It is noticeable that in the UK for parents who have children with “Special Educational Needs” have been made nearly all necessary conditions that pupils need to. For instance, parents may apply for their children on the Government website which conducts to the UK’s citizenship many services including “Special Educational Needs”. People whose children have disability might choose any school in turns schools must publish information on their website regarding Government’s rules of teaching special educational needs children. Turning now to the question of database which shows that in England amount of the children with special educational needs lessened from 1.62 million pupils in 2011-2012 and 1.55 million in 2012-2013, though the number of learners with statements of special educational needs increased slightly from 226.125 pupils in 2011-2012 to 229.390 pupils in 2012-2013 the database relating to the Government’s website. It means, each of fifth pupils in England are said to have special educational needs (21%). As an example British Broadcasting Company (BBC) observes “the greater classes are "decelerate learning difficulty" (24.2%), societal difficulties and behavioural, emotive (22.7%) and language, speech and relations needs (16.3%). A less ratio of pupils have physical disabilities (3.8%), visual or hearing impairments (3.4%), and autism spectrum (8.1%). Furthermore, children from any segments of society can have special educational needs, but indeed it is commonly among some section of the society. For example, at secondary school, girls are three times less likely to have a statement than boys. Chinese children are most likely not to have special educational needs, while Black children are the greatest likely. Learners with special educational needs are mostly to be appropriate for free school meals than those without them. All state schools are under the control of UK’s law to guarantee that special help is provided for children with special educational needs. It is correctly to mention that there is a program called “school action” under which more than half of pupils with special educational needs are listed. If other support is needed, the child is listed as "school action plus", which may involve the school bringing in specialist help from outside”.

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