Children With Learning Dissabilities and the Educational System Essays

Children With Learning Dissabilities and the Educational System Essays

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Children are the future of our nation and the world. Their footsteps will not only write the history of the nation, but educate us on what needs to change. Therefore, our educational society needs empower children with learning disabilities. Not all children understand the different educational concepts at the same rate. They are children who need additional assistance to comprehend the information present them to them. Although, each child has its distinctive form of learning, the educational system and educators need to construct a new method to instruct children with learning disabilities. This new method needs to provide quality of education to all students, regardless of the abilities and inabilities of the student. The focal point of the system will motivate students to expand their skills. The teaching style will not only be beneficial for students who have a learning disability, but encourage parents and educators to strive for better learning resources on schools.
A learning disability prevents a child from processing basic information that gives her /him the ability to understand language. In other words, the learning disability may manifest itself in the imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or perform mathematical calculations. The inability to not be able to make connections at a cognitive level can interfere with the child’s memory. The information will perceive as a problem, and not a learning tool. The intricacy of learning will cause the child to be less focus on its academic learning and the negative attitudes about education will rise. Children with a learning disability may have their skills limited, but the special instruction he/ she receives can help expand and strengthen this s...

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