Children With Ebd Is An Extreme Condition, Depression, And Social Withdrawal

Children With Ebd Is An Extreme Condition, Depression, And Social Withdrawal

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The DSM identifies two main subcategories of children with EBD based on (a) externalizing and (b) internalizing behaviors (Kauffman, 2009). Externalizing behaviors included forms of aggression or disruption in the classroom. Internalizing behaviors included anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal. Students with EBD can display both internalizing and externalizing behaviors simultaneously. Garner (2014) offered a single realization as to why students with EBD struggle in school, “EBD is an extreme, chronic condition that does not respond to typical interventions” (p.37).
When administered standardized cognitive and achievement tests, students with EBD generally present with lower intelligence quotients and achieve less than other typically developing students. According to Christiansen et al (2005), students with EBD spend a substantial amount of time outside of the regular classroom. This may contribute to lower intelligence quotients. Additionally, teachers who lack knowledge and skills to intervene with students with EBD has led to teachers failing to effectively work with those students which can contribute to the lack of achievement from students with EBD (Christiansen et al., 2005). When parents, teachers, or school psychologists see a child performing below their classmates academically, there is a tendency to mislabel them as having a learning disability rather than an emotional behavioral disorder that creates a problem for the student to obtain the necessary assistance required. A doctor or mental health specialist diagnoses children with EBD after observation of their behaviors and thought processes. Rates of special education services under the EBD category are highest in early adolescence, which may further contri...

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...acology, and cognitive behavioral interventions are all helpful to the intellectual development of children with EBD, research indicates that implementing the three elements simultaneously yields the best strategy (Kauffman, 2009). Enhancing the learning environment through strategies associated with inclusive academic instruction provides a child with EBD the opportunity to achieve academically. Psychopharmacology may allow the child to be more accessible to instruction and regulate behaviors appropriately. Cognitive behavioral interventions teach self-regulation among other crucial skills for the classroom. The purpose of this article is to review best practices associated with the diagnosis and treatment of children with EBD to help increase academic achievement, reduce problematic behaviors, and learn coping mechanisms associated with strong emotional responses.

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