Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay

Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay

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In order to get where we are, we all have to go through childhood. As high schoolers, we
are nearing the end of our childhood and quickly approaching the responsibilities and tasks that
accompany adulthood. In this hectic time of life, we are able to look forward to plan our future,
while at the same time, looking back and reminiscing on events that happened in a third grade
classroom or on the playground during recess. When looking back on younger days, most
people are able to pick out fellow classmates who were hyper and often got in trouble, or maybe
that overactive student was them. In either case, it is likely that many can recall a time when a
young boy or girl received some form of punishment for being active or hyper, but recently, this
behavior comes with more than a simple punishment. More and more children are being
diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and these misdiagnoses of ADHD have
caused doctors to overprescribe Ritalin and Adderall.
Because of the type of disorder, ADHD does not have a specific test that gives a definite
answer like cancer or diabetes, which leaves the disorder up to interpretation and makes the
symptoms that lead to a diagnosis very broad. This is one reason why attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children and
adolescents. Despite being so frequently identified as the cause of a child’s behavior issues,
very little is known about ADHD. It is generally found in children ages six to twelve and is
blamed for affecting efficiency and ability to pay attention, but the cause is largely unknown and
it is difficult to distinguish between other psychiatric disorders. Other possible diagnosis can
range anywhere from learning and l...

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...y. When this happens, the drug
no longer improves focus nor does it continue to reduce behavioral issues. So the reason for
taking medicine goes from a successoriented
goal to recreational use and entertainment.
The prescribed medications work well when patients are accurately diagnosed, so we
need to end the confusion between a normal third grade student and a child who actually suffers
from a hyperactivity disorder like ADHD. If we are able to do that by realizing the children are
meant to be energetic, then there would not be nearly as many cases for doctors to
misdiagnose, therefore lowering the amount of Ritalin and Adderall prescriptions given. To
assist in this reduction of overprescription, we could also take steps toward developing new
diagnostic procedures to curb our current trend, and together, these methods could change
children’s lives in school and out.

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