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Children With Attention Deficit Disorder Essays

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According to Hallowell’s and Payet’s excerpt, The Evolution Of A Disorder, in 1957, children described as having “impaired attention” were being diagnosed with “hyperkinetic syndrome” (Hallowell and Payet). By the eighties, this syndrome was later named ADD and not known as an illness but as a disorder. Soon enough ADD was no longer used for diagnoses and doctors began to consider it an outdated term. Therefore, ADD is now known as just being a type of ADHD and not known as a separate mental disorder. Although these two types of disorders have inattention as the primary symptom, they both cannot be claimed the same due to ADD having its own preferences on what makes the adolescent or adult inattentive in daily situations.
Most believe people with attention deficit disorder and the hyperactive disorder have the same emotional and behavioral tendency in common. Emotionally, people with ADD and ADHD are either at high point or low point; there is no in between. Both adolescents and adults with either disorder are prone to having severe anxiety. This causes a person with either disorder to feel frustrated with themselves. Case in point, anyone with these deficit disorders has trouble with self-regulation due to their low threshold for emotions. The person can take stimulants to help stabilize what they are feeling but the chemicals in the drug can cause them to have no expression at all. The stimulant’s next phase causes the individual with ADD or ADHD to experience a roller-coaster of emotions. As the stimulant wears off, the person feels strung out by the end of the day. Behaviorally, both disorders have the symptom of being incapable of concentrating.
However, a person with ADD is making an attempt to concentrate but they can...

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...hyperactivity the teacher tells the parents, if they are not already aware of the inappropriate behavior. These specific adolescents will battle with being seen as misbehaved most their lives and struggle with staying on top of their academics.
This proves that attention deficit disorder should not be easily counted out as a medical diagnosis. ADD still has many different characteristics of a mental disorder. Furthermore, if every child with inattention issues is diagnosed with ADHD, then it is possible that half of them could be misdiagnosed. Even though ADHD is considered the only diagnosable deficit disorder, it does not mean it is the correct one. To summarize, individuals that are still being identified with ADD are not trying to seek special attention but trying to prove to doctors that ADD is not a made-up disorder and it is not one and the same with ADHD.

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