Essay about Children With A Religious House

Essay about Children With A Religious House

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Growing up in a religious house hold has its ups and downs. Parents who raise their children with a religious upbringing have a different way of setting high expectations than most other parents because they use the Word of God in everyday life. Every morning from about 7th grad until mid-sophomore year of high school, my mother would have me read a prayer while she drove me to school or I when I dropped her off at work so I could drive myself to school. One thing I can remember is, depending on her mood, she had different names she would call me. Calling me Jamal meant that she was very serious about what she was going to say. Mal (my childhood nickname) meant she was passionate and really wanted me to listen. And then there was JP (which is what people typically call me) that meant she was just having regular conversation. So it would go like this, “Jamal, I know I tell you all the time, but every day you have a choice. Sleep with your dreams or wake up and go chase them”.
Being a dream chaser stuck with me. Any and everyone who knew me knew my dream was to play professional basketball in the NBA or going overseas to a different country. That’s what I wanted to do. I wasn’t the best student coming out of high school but my basketball skills made up for that (or in my eye’s anyway). That being the way I thought became a big reality check very fast. Being that I wasn’t the best student placed a road block when I was offered a few Division 1 scholarships and was unable to accept them because of my grades. So I took the less attractive route, JUCO basketball which is community college level. For a while I was upset about my situation, but I knew that I put myself in that situation so I was the only person who could get me out be...

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... the next season. I learned so much from him which opened my eyes and let me know that I wanted to coach/recruit as my profession.
The following year I went back and played that season. It wasn’t’ long until another injury came about. So I let the dream of playing professionally go and I picked up a new love of coaching and recruiting. With that being said, I never forgot what my mother continued to tell me. Although I gave up on playing professional basketball I just shifted it to another love. I’m hungry and chasing the dream of being a collegiate coach/recruiter and if the opportunity comes for me to coach or recruit on the highest level (pro) I will take on that challenge.
So here I am today “dream chasing” to get this degree so I can continue my journey. Never sleep with your dreams. Go out and get them and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

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