Children & Violence in the Media and at Home Essay

Children & Violence in the Media and at Home Essay

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Violence is a means of oppressing the weak and robbing them off their will. This could be done verbally or physically, although the former isn’t considered as severe as the latter which has its more hurtful and negative impression. However, when it comes to children being the ones exposed to violence, it becomes an issue of concern.
Violence can come in different forms from all parts of the society including the home, and to be precise, a dysfunctional one at that. This is a place where people tend to either forget or overlook when it comes to an issue such as this. In this present day, a lot of children are being abused physically and verbally in their own homes. This depends on the disposition of the parents or guardians and how they regard their children. The child is either called upsetting words and is made to believe he/she is of no importance or physical force is used on them. As distressing as this aggression is being exerted on them, they can’t retaliate and even report, due to the fact they are scared that if caught reporting, the next incident will be worse. Due to this abusive childhood, the act grows on them, damaging them psychologically and causing them to vent their suppressed hurt and frustration outside in the society. Such kids could be found as bullies enacting what is being done to them on their fellow mates.
Furthermore, the sect of the society that exhibits this act constantly to the children is the entertainment industry. Here, violence has become a means of entertainment in the manner in which it is being portrayed in the society. In the article titled, “Does Hollywood market violence to children”, the author, Albom discloses, “Let’s face it; violence doesn’t infect entertainment. It is entert...

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...s, most especially in preschools. In my opinion, this will be fitting for children whose parents forget teaching them morals at home and being taught at a younger age, the children will readily accept the moral teachings than those in higher educational levels who already have minds of their own. Also, it should be clear and concise so that the children will be able to have a grasp of what is being taught. By doing this, the level of violence in the upcoming generation would have decreased considerably as they would have a firm moral foundation and resistance to bad influence.
Children are too young to experience it when it is being inflicted on them, and very immature to be influenced by violent contents inside cartoons and movies. In conclusion, measures should be taken on how these children are being exposed to violence else there possibly will be consequences.

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