Children Should Not Be A Public School Essay

Children Should Not Be A Public School Essay

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In the United States, children are required to go to school and get an education from around the ages six to sixteen. Education is a very important aspect of everyone’s life and the quality of the education someone receives can make or break their future. It can have an impact how well they’ll do in college or even in future jobs. Ultimately, parents decide what type of education their child will receive. Children can either go to public school, or be homeschooled by their parents. The decision of whether or not to homeschool a child can be attributed to any number of factors, usually involving issues parents have with the public school system. Public schooling and homeschooling each have their own benefits, as well as some drawbacks.
To begin with, children in a public school setting do not receive the same individualized, one-on-one experience that homeschooled children do. In public school, the curriculum is mostly taught to meet standardized testing results. Children are often overlooked as individuals, and instead seen only as one collective class. If a single child is struggling with something the other children aren’t, it’s very likely they won’t get the help they need. In a homeschooling environment, the teaching is able to be very individualized and the child can be given more resources to succeed. It’s much harder to notice one child struggling among thirty others than it is to recognize difficulties one child is having in a family setting. Because of this, homeschooled students generally score fifteen to thirty percent above children in public schools on standardized tests (Ray). The individualized learning experience homeschooling offers clearly proves to be effective in gaining results, whereas the broadened style...

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...ers. Children in homeschool don’t have to worry about things like that, since they’re being taught in an environment that they’re very familiar with, and their teachers are their parents. Homeschooling encourages individuality and happiness in children, while public school provides more opportunities for children to easily make friends.
The differences in public school and homeschool are most clearly seen through the academic results of the students. Homeschooled children tend to do much better than those in public school. However, public school can be more convenient and helpful for families, and can make it easier for children to make friends. Whether parents put children in public school or decide to homeschool them themselves, what matters is that the child gets an education. However, it’s important to weigh the options before deciding where a child should go.

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