Children Should Eat School Lunches Essay

Children Should Eat School Lunches Essay

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2 out of 3 middle school student 's are obese or overweight due to eating the school lunches regularly. Based on the Unhealthy school lunches stats released by experts, kids who eat school lunches can have high cholesterol or LDL kids who bring their lunches with them have a lower chance of having high and bad cholesterol.This is important to middle schools where children become more independent. The choice that kids make about their eating habits at home and at school will expand and continue eating as much as they already have been going through life. People who eat school lunches are more likely to become obese. The student 's that eat two or more servings a day, like hot dogs or chicken daily, that will become a fatty meal. Student 's who eat 2 servings less of fruit everyday will not be healthy. One-third of all kids in the United States is obese or overweight. That means they are at a high risk of diabetes and heart attack when they get old. Student 's who eat school lunches are more likely to not play in any sports, like baseball or football.

The meat being provided at school lunches may or may not be meat. The meat in schools burgers could be made out of higher-quality meat than what we already get served with. The meat that we get served with is sometimes wet and flimsy and it don 't look like real meat. which is served to over 31 million kids a day. School cafeterias are not being inspected as requirement by Child Nutrition. 8,500 school across the country did not have a inspection in their kitchens. Another 18,000 did not have a two a year yearly requirement inspection. USDA is required to inspected school cafeterias twice a year yearly. For resources school cafeterias are often not the main top priority. The cafete...

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...oot Beer, and stuff like that. Still schools think that they are too unhealthy for kids to be drinking. Some parents don 't allow their kids to have sodas but some kids can so at schools the kids that can have the sodas can get the soda but the kids that can 't get soda can 't get sodas. We should have to not drink them if other kids can. Schools are afraid of putting them in because of that. To rethink thing over student 's should be able to eat what they want that they like and not so much healthy foods. We should be able to get served something unhealthy every once in a while. School lunches shouldn 't just be healthy all the time. School on the vending machines should have what kids like instead of what schools want to put in their that they think is healthy. Also schools on their soda machines we should be able to get sodas instead of just milk to drink at lunch.

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