Children Should Be Vaccinated By The National Foundation For Infectious Diseases

Children Should Be Vaccinated By The National Foundation For Infectious Diseases

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Two sides to every argument exist. The argument is whether to vaccinate children or not. Most parents vaccinate their children because they want to protect their children against preventable diseases. Others do not vaccinate their children because they want to protect them from the diseases the vaccine causes. At times it may be difficult to determine whether or not to vaccinate children. Whatever the issues, it is important to set the record straight on whether to vaccinate children or not, as their lives are at stake. The idea of preventing diseases has been around for over 1000 years. To ensure that children are protected in the best way possible against diseases, children should be vaccinated.
In “Top Reasons to Get Vaccinated” by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, the author discusses why it is important to get vaccinated. The article states that vaccines are just as important to overall health as a diet and exercise routine. To keep healthy, people need to eat right and exercise regularly, but also need to keep up to date with vaccinations. The author says that: “Vaccines are one of the most convenient and safest preventive care measures available (1). The article states that diseases have a high price tag, which exceeds $10 billion per year in direct and indirect costs (2). The author mentions that an individual’s family and coworkers value and need them on a daily basis. The people around them are the ones who are put at risk when vaccinations are not an ongoing process. So, when an individual is vaccinated, they protect those who are around them. The article states that, “Approximately 50,000 adults die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases in the US” (1). In conclusion, vaccines can be the difference...

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...ainst diseases is important to protect everyone’s well being, so it should be done for the mean time while scientists and researchers in the medical field can find out more about the complications that may arise and put everyone’s, especially parents minds to ease.
Imagine playgrounds empty. Empty swings are swaying in the breeze, there’s an absence of laughter and joy filling the air. Rusty playground equipment lies strewn over overgrown grass. This could be the reality of all the playgrounds around the world if children are not protected or vaccinated against preventable diseases that could lead to death. People could prevent this from happening by making the decision to vaccinate all children from an early age, thus reducing the risk and chance of becoming ill from vaccine-preventable diseases and eradicating diseases that cause harm from the surface of the Earth.

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