Children, School Meals, and Nutritious Food Essay examples

Children, School Meals, and Nutritious Food Essay examples

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Imagine that you are a gardener, and you want your sapling to grow into a big tree. You need to put efforts into it by providing sufficient nutrients and water on a regular basis. This is the same theory that applies to children in our nation. The school meal nutrition issue has caught the eye of the government, and it is well discussed in the nation. Although many people debate if the government should involve in the school lunch issues, the government has already made some regulations on the nutrition of public school meals and it should consider educating children about healthy diets as well.
It took a long time for the government to recognize that providing school meals is necessary, and this program significantly influences the life of students. In 1946, President Truman signed the National School Lunch Act to permit the National Lunch Program. Before this act was effective, many poor children suffered hunger in schools because they did not have money to buy lunches. The government notices the fact that children are nutritionally unbalanced has become apparent (Gunderson). This program is particularly created for children from low income families, in order to end hunger in school, so these children receive lunch for free. It was a benefit for many people throughout the country at the time, and it continues now.
People who think parents should prepare lunches for their children forget to regard the family condition in many cases. Julie Gunlock, who is the Director of the Culture of Alarmism project at the Independent Women’s Forum, argues that the government should not intervene in school lunch regulation because parents have responsibilities to feed their children. Although she consists of various research results in her ...

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