Essay about Children Safeguarding

Essay about Children Safeguarding

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The essay will highlight on a case study regarding children safeguarding and the legislation with the policies that govern them. It will look into the concept of risk and abuse that young children face in their everyday life .It will base on how professionals and multi agencies work together with parents to resolve problems and the potential risk practitioners face when assessing scenario using professional judgement. The multi agencies that involves are police, teachers, children doctors, health visitors, school nurses, GP’s, social workers, family and children when there is a case like abuse or suspect of significant harm of a child. The case study talks about a child called Amie who is exposed to abuse such as physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect, which can take a great impact on her welfare. Amie is a vulnerable child who leaves dependent on her parents with her other siblings.) According to Parliament UK (2008), a child is vulnerable when he or she is unlikely to achieve the necessary requirement such as health or maintain his or her development without the provision or catering for them of social care services.
‘In majority of situations, social workers provide a reactive rather than a proactive service in children protection situations, as they rarely witness situation themselves where the abuse is taking place’’(O’lounghlin and O’lounglin.2008,p56). According to Amie’s case, she has unexplained bruises, newly broken leg, looking under weight and dejected appearance, which shows the child is expose to risk of abuse such as physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect and these has affected the welfare of the child. Kshir and Potter (2009, p151) commented that ‘’Child abuse is the physical, psychological or sexu...

... middle of paper ... M.kshire and Sandra Potters.
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