Children 's Understanding Of Number, Time, And Space Essay

Children 's Understanding Of Number, Time, And Space Essay

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Children’s understanding of number, time, and space are concepts continuously being researched and analyzed. Studies have indicated development of these concepts starting at infancy and through adulthood. These concepts play a significant role in cognitive development. Number, time, and space are interconnected ideas that are used in our daily lives.
First, the development of number sense varies from child to child. One study suggested that “children construct number concepts from a variety of one-to-one activities, most of which are embedded in social and linguistic contexts” (Mix, 2002, p. 1361). I connected this idea to the fact that children are like sponges, they soak up knowledge from others. In relation to education, its important to embed group work activities throughout lessons because students interact with each other and bring their thoughts and ideas from their own unique experiences. During these social contexts, they learn more than a teacher could explain. “Furthermore, they fully grasp number concepts within specific event-structures before uniting these structures into more abstract concepts” (Mix, 2002, p.1361). This means link the learning of the mathematical concepts to a specific event or authentic classroom experience and not only will the students understand and remember the concepts, but later they will apply this knowledge to other things and/or more challenging mathematical concepts. Personally, the mathematical concept of geometry makes me cringe and I find it quite challenging. Even studies have deemed it plausible that “geometrical transformations are inherently more difficult mathematical concepts” (Dehaene, Izard, Pica, & Spelke, 2006, p. 381), but “geometrical knowledge arises in humans independent...

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...learning the days of the week and months of the year. This falls in the concept of learning about time and further shows that this is crucial knowledge to be sufficient adults in society. It is basic knowledge that all people are expected to know.
Last, the concept of space is thoroughly developed through visuals. “Diagrams and maps influence spatial thinking” because “learning to use maps and diagrams may contribute helping children understand that spatial information can be represented in ways that differ from how it is encountered or experienced” (Utal, Fisher, & Taylor, 2006, p. 233). I connected this to the idea that in education, educators must build on students’ prior knowledge and extend the learning past what the students already understand or experienced. Not only does this idea pertain to learning the concept of space, but can be applied to all subjects.

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