Essay about Children 's Social Contexts And Networks

Essay about Children 's Social Contexts And Networks

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Children’s social contexts and networks provide important resources and influences that have the capacity to contribute to and enhance their psychological well-being. (Losier & Morrison, 2007; Sheridan, Warnes, Cowan, Schemm & Clarke, 2004). On an international level, school environments are central to facilitating positive student outcome. Although establishing a flawless school environment is impractical, teachers can influence the setting in which children learn to stimulate positive outcomes. In order to create a school environment that stimulates positive student outcomes, it is important to first determine what kind of environments achieve this. Some research, for instance, argues that school environments should promote social connections to create a sense of belongingness (Bracket, 2011., Yansong (2015.,). Likewise, teachers should create a learning environment that promotes constructive adaptation for students (Honig 2010., Phillip A., 2016.). Lastly, to promote positive student outcomes, the school setting should continuously emphasize protective tools that students can utilize to effectively adjust to diverse experience (Carvalho and Novo). Therefore, when designing school environments, educators need consider social connections, constructive adaption, and protective tools.
Literature Review
Social Connections
Social connections can help to address a child’s need for belonging and combat the negative consequences of being socially excluded. This was demonstrated by Bracket (2011), who discusses a child’s need for belonging and the consequences of being socially excluded. Bracket (2011) utilizes qualitative research methods in a structured manner, to complete his study. In his exploratory research, he applied the Mayer–S...

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...t and student demeanour. Her results revealed that antisocial behaviours in students were evident when there were competitive situations surrounding the children. The findings derived from Yansong (2015) research insinuate that behaviour patterns under competitive conditions strengthen anti-social tendencies and pro-social behaviours are reinforced through teamwork. Consequently, to promote positive student outcomes, teachers should encourage intimate social bonds within the school context, so that students have can experience positive attachments to individuals such as teachers, staff members and peers. Although individuals must keep in mind that no classroom environment is ideal, encouraging intimate social bonds can positively impact students, primarily by teaching them pro-social behaviors such as cooperating with others and acting considerately (Yansong, 2015).

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