Children 's Poverty At Home Is Not A Warrant For Poor Learning Environment

Children 's Poverty At Home Is Not A Warrant For Poor Learning Environment

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From the figure above in 2007-2011 there were 359,047 male children out of school higher than 1997-2000 with only 60,267 boys out of school. Female children out of school were higher for 2007-20011 comprising 289,874 in total than 76, 866 in 1997-2000 (World Bank, 2011). This reminds us a need for quality and attractive learning environment, able to transform students’ surrounding from what they learn and see in schools. Children’s poverty at home is not a warrant for poor learning environment in schools.
When it comes to poverty experience during an educational journey of participants, children from working family background did not suffer from the education process. Similarity working families ensure good education for their children differently from poor families “Personally, I got all school needs from my parents, my parents were working. I work hard for my children too. I know the value of education, so I’m working to ensure that my children get the education they deserve. I am employed.” Although she had a “pleasant experience” as (Van Manen, 2014) put it in her educational journey, she indicates what (Van Manen, 2014) once again called “unpleasant experience” (Kindle Location 2479), regarding poor children’s education. The participants noted that “But there are poor children. I can see little children coming to me, asking to wash dishes for payment instead of going to school, a child who is supposed to be in primary school asking for a house work, skipping school […].” She continues that although the law does not allow child labor, but still,
Children get employment […]. If someone found employing a school child will be sued. Yet, sometimes parents cheat, telling government officials that children in their homes are re...

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...ipants in Serengeti area showed their concern that the district is now leading with HIV victims in Tanzania “ Do you know that our district is leading in HIV?” They dared even to mention names of the infected individuals, although they insisted to me that, the victims don’t want anyone to know about it, “but we know them” one told me. “They think that we don’t know!, We know.” According to (Bandara, Dehejia, Lavie-Rouse (2014), human and economic development become a reality if people have a good health, good food, and quality education to participate in daily occurrences of their lives. On top of that good surroundings in which people live specifically in early ages contribute to social and economic development of individuals, and I would add to that favorable regulatory environment. If people lack these components they face a barrier to be active in the society.

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