Children 's Poor Nutrition And Obesity Essay

Children 's Poor Nutrition And Obesity Essay

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Only two percent of children in the United States are considered to be eating healthy according to Sue Scheff’s “10 Frightening Facts About Child Obesity.” This clearly shows that the other ninety-eight percent eat unhealthy meals which is frightening since this is only a glimpse of what is yet to come for these children in the future. This is what the government, schools, and society are trying to fight: the rise of children’s poor nutrition and obesity. They are accomplishing this by implementing new laws and programs for both children and parents. Unhealthy foods like fast-food and sodas are sweeping across many schools, and they are turning into a center of controversy about malnourishment in children. In addition, many also blame the parents and the children if malnutrition continues to persist even after all the hard work the government and schools have been doing. In spite of how unhealthy foods are being furnished by schools, it is nonetheless clear that both parents and children are to blame, for being healthy is a combination of responsibilities that is both shared by them.

Before getting to the reasons on why parents and children are to blame, it is important to know that there will always be several sides to the controversy. It is true that schools are also to be blamed since they are “selling [junk foods] on a growing number of school campuses” which is something that they should be avoiding as stated in the article, “Alarm Raised over Schools’ Fast-Food Sales”, written by Pamela Martineau. However, this has not always been the case on why a child becomes obese because food distribution does not only happen in schools but also, inside the children’s homes. Furthermore, food distribution itself does not completely aff...

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...estion of how and when they will do it.

In brief, parents are in control of how they will make their children’s lifestyle healthier while children, on the other hand, are the only ones who can directly maintain it when they grow up. After all, it will still be better if no one will take the blame, and just let everyone: the government, the society, schools, and companies to act against this issue without any separation, for issues like this should be organized together. It is still a difficult task for them to do, but everything will be worth the hard work if they will act accordingly. That being said, everyone must take the fight against childhood obesity since there are so many ways to reverse this epidemic and it is largely preventable. They should remember that they are doing this for the children and future generations, and it is not all about pointing fingers.

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