Essay Children 's Lack The Support Of Education

Essay Children 's Lack The Support Of Education

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Participant P#8 insisted that “Orphans lack the support of education, they remain on the street, they are poor, those are the youth of my age. They don’t have parents, no money. They stay on the street and engage in crimes with bad guys.”
I may even be better than orphans who don’t have dad or mom, many of them do not know what to do. That is why you find many of them Chokoraa (street children) discouraged. People take them for household chores, but use them differently, they abuse them, violating human rights.
Similar to P#2, informant P#8 feels that basic need for these children first of all are “education, food, accommodation, and clothes,” before even looking at other important needs
P#8 went on to say that:
If you go to school, but no food at home, it means even learning is difficult, you can get food, but no clothing then again you are devastated. So all things contribute to the well-being of a human being that you have education, food, and health, clothing and good accommodation. You cannot study or do your homework sitting on the bed. You need a good place for your studies, a table and other things. Otherwise it is difficult, I often look at my young brother (Andy, not a real name), and the way he studies is not good at all. He needs tools for learning- A big table, a good bright lamp, enough books. But he doesn’t have anything to help him learn, that is why the health of his education will continue to be bad forever.

Participant P#4 describes poverty in a lens of a poor person,
[without] money for sustainability, depending on unpredictable agriculture. They work tirelessly, but as a result of drought, they go hungry, and obtaining a single meal per day is a miracle. Most of them have a hard time to educate their c...

... middle of paper ...

...rely from poverty. In cities, children and parents can learn from diverse students, while in the village students and parents mingle with a similar group of people doing the same identical things every day. As a result, students learn identical habits, different from cities where a competition of knowledge is viable from neighbors. In cities, we learn from successful neighbor’s children, and force ourselves to provide advanced education similar to our neighbors’ children.
Participant P#3 shared her view that:
I feel all groups of children face the challenge of poverty when seeking education. You will find a child passed the national exam to go to a good school, but the high cost in education force parents to tell their children “you go to the ward school that I can afford to pay the cost for your education. I cannot pay the boarding school because they are costly.”

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