Essay on Children 's Influence On Child Rearing And Involvement

Essay on Children 's Influence On Child Rearing And Involvement

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Children are able to receive outstanding support and benefits with the involvement of their father in their childhood. The evolution of the father role in families has changed the course of development and attachment in children. According to Coltrane, in earlier times, fathers were viewed as “masters of their families”; hence, the father was more of a strict teacher (p. 139). Moving forward in time, fathers did not contribute to the home. They were more focused on the outside environment and the family income. In modern times, fathers play a dramatic role in child-rearing and involvement. The image of the father has greatly evolved, which essentially benefits the children and even the wife.
The study published by Paris and Dubus worked to assist mothers that were at risk of postpartum depression. Through the experiment, home-visiting volunteers helped the new mother cope with all the changes. Throughout this study, fathers could contribute to the emotional state of their wives. The study was able to identify multiple feelings that the new mother struggles with, which includes disconnection from everything. The new mother feels trapped and alone. The role of the father is important as he could potentially reinforce to his wife that she is not alone. His encouraging and motivating character enables the wife to feel more secure and purposeful. The support that the father provides to his wife allows for a more connected relation within the family. Furthermore, this will permit for the father to build an emotional and social bond with his child. Typically, fathers that are more involved from beginning are able to create a strong relationship to the child, which is beneficial to the baby as he/she gets older and views that both parent...

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...the issue of gender is greatly impact by external factors like extended/traditional family, society, and media. Families can approach a less gendered child-rearing situation, where they encourage and allow the child to do as they wish disregarding gender norms. These concepts are imperative to the process of raising a child and influence their future decisions. It becomes essential to allow the child to live in a home, where they get equal mother and father time to demonstrate the work-family balance. Additionally, children need a home where both parents can attend to their needs in order for them to build a safe, secure, and long-lasting relationship with each parent. The concept of allowing a child to take a decision and act on it gives them trust and confidence in their own ability, which can only provide that child with motivation to grow and strive as an adult.

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