The Children 's Hospital Of Colorado Essay

The Children 's Hospital Of Colorado Essay

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The idea of the Children’s Hospital of Colorado was first thought of in 1897, when Dr. Minnie Love, and a crew of volunteers set up tents off of 18th and Gaylord Street in Denver, Colorado and formed the Babies Summer Hospital. Six clinicians and a group of volunteer nurses treated children under the age of five during this time, but Dr. Minnie Love and her volunteers saw a long-term need for an established hospital that would care for the sick and injured children of all ages in this region (Sherlock, 2013). The Babies Summer Hospital operated through the summers of 1897-1898, and many believe this was the precursor to Children 's Hospital Colorado, which opened their doors when they converted a former residence into an establishment with a capacity of 30 beds. The Children’s Hospital admitted their first patients to this location in February of 1910. The hospital soon overwhelmed its original location and decided to build a new facility, which opened in 1917 in downtown Denver.
Today, the Colorado Children’s Hospital, located in Aurora, Colorado is one of the most prestigious pediatric hospitals in the Rocky Mountain region of United States. The Children’s Hospital serves pediatric patients of all ages, and in some cases, such as organ transplants, serving their patients through adulthood.
As a prerequisite to writing my final course deliverable, I shadowed Anthony Smith, who is currently employed as the Lead Medical Laboratory Technologist in the Laboratory Client Services Department at Colorado Children’s Hospital. Anthony began his education at Western Technical College in Rochester, Minnesota, where he received his Associates in Applied Sciences as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Soon after, the American Society of Clin...

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...tance of laboratory management, as the medical laboratory is the department that provides clinicians with the data pertaining to the health, treatment, and the ultimate diagnosis of a patient. I truly feel this experience made me realize how important precision and accuracy is in all departments of the hospital.
In conclusion, having the opportunity to shadow Mr. Smith at the Children’s Hospital Colorado has been an extremely fulfilling educational and professional opportunity. Prior to this experience, my knowledge of health care professionalism was limited to classroom instruction, and I truly believe that this has helped me obtain a first-hand experience of professionalism in a health care setting. If I could make a recommendation to my academic department, it would be to encourage more students to participate in a shadowing experience with a health professional.

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