Children 's Highest Levels Of School Readiness Skills Essay

Children 's Highest Levels Of School Readiness Skills Essay

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Recent studies have suggested that children demonstrated the highest levels of school readiness skills if they received high quality care during both infancy and toddlerhood as well as during preschool (Li, Farkas, Duncan, Burchinal, &Vandell, 2013). This suggests that the majority of children, but specifically children from low-income backgrounds, should benefit most when they enter high-quality care at a younger age and remain in high-quality care for longer periods of time. Most research on EEC delivered in centers does not focus on the fact that some of the largest impacts on cognitive skills has been seen in earlier interventions (Moore et al., 2015). The issue of program length has not been thoroughly researched however, from a theoretical standpoint, children should succeed more so with more time in an EEC program due to increased absorption and maturation (Wen et al., 2012). In a study done by Domitrovich et al. (2013) the effects of preschool dosage were studied by examining children’s academic success while enrolled in an enhanced Head Start model. The participants were taken from a low-income sample and exposed to a High/Scope curriculum and the Preschool Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) curriculum (Domitrovich et al., 2013). The results of the study showed that vocabulary, literacy and math skills were all higher in children who were exposed to two years rather than one. In an additional study conducted by Wen et al. (2012) Head Start children’s school outcome differences were discussed for children who participated in two years versus one year. Wen et al. (2012) suggested that children who experienced two years of intervention services had significantly higher performance on all academic and ...

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...ities, and social development, particularly for children who come from low-income backgrounds (Yoshikawa et al., 2013).
Every year, millions of children enroll in public kindergarten programs. Each child enters with different strengths, weaknesses, skills and needs. Many of these differences are to be expected due to normal variations in development, however, socioeconomic factors contribute significantly to a serious school-readiness divide (Wong et al., 2008). There is national interest in promoting early learning and development as a way to prevent and reduce school readiness gaps. Legislation such as the No Child Left Behind Act, which holds schools accountable for students’ academic performance (Bogin, Nguyen-Hoang, 2014), has resulted in the heightened interest of understanding the various skills that contribute to children’s academic progress and success.

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