Essay on Children 's Giving : Moral Reasoning And Moral Emotions

Essay on Children 's Giving : Moral Reasoning And Moral Emotions

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Children 's giving: moral reasoning and moral emotions in the development of donation behaviors

Journal Article Review
Steshan N. Santiago Hernandez
Keiser University
Children 's giving: moral reasoning and moral emotions in the development of donation behaviors
Summary Introduction
In the article (Ongley, S. F., Nola, M., & Malti, T.), a study was conducted in young children, ages four to eight, investigating the role of moral reasoning and moral emotions by way of sympathy and guilt in the development of donation behavior. As humans, 'giving ' is one of the key behaviors in our social development. In this study, young children were made to play the dictator game to see the degree in their sharing development. The study was made to compare the aforementioned moral reasoning and moral emotions using self and caregiver reported sympathy. In the dictator game, the children were given a number of stickers, the experimenter then showed them a box on which there was a World vision logo, motto and pictures of economically poor children. The participants were then told that the experimenter was collecting stickers for poor children.
Sympathy, guilt and moral reasoning were considered to be motivational factors in young children 's decision making. There was a higher sense of sympathy in children ages four that justified their moral reasoning into donating their stickers. According to the parent-report sympathy scale Zhou et al. 's (2003), primary caregivers were asked, “My child gets upset when he/she sees another child being hurt”, always true was scored as a 6. Their moral reasoning was influenced by the feeling of another 's emotional state and feelings of concern.
Another motivational factor found in this s...

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... Haidt 's theory on moral foundations adds to that I believe. I also understand a bit what the article 'The psychology in moral reasoning ' is trying to say on Chomsky 's theory. Children are like sponges, they soak up information that 's all around them. While they have grown out of their ID stage and have actually become aware of the world around them, I think that Nature Vs. Nurture also plays a part in morality. Considering that they model what they see, then they would also be modeling what we think is morally correct, so to say they 're being conditioned in a way. While sympathizing is a moral intuition, acting a certain way towards it can be an affect of what they have seen they 're primary caregiver do or not do. Infants can shape an infinite amount of moral systems, but the principles lack specific contents, they would be abstract until something shapes it.

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