Children 's Education Is The Great School Essay example

Children 's Education Is The Great School Essay example

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Another organization which helps you become more involved in your children 's education is the Great Schools. This nonprofit organization includes 35 million parents like you who receive help to find the right school to support their children 's education. This organization has been serving schools and parents since 1998. It is a reliable resource where you can go to find the best school for your child in your area, information on how to guide your children, and how to work with schools to improve them. It has come up with a program "The Great Parents Pledge" which encourages you to be more involved in your children 's education. It has come up with three simple and time saving ways you can help their children 's academic success:
1. Volunteer at child 's school (Great Schools). 2. A parent should also be a teacher. 3. Read or talk to their children for at least 20 minutes a day.
These three steps help you influence your children 's academic success more than they know and this program encourages you to help your children be more successful. The first step encourages you to volunteer at your children 's school because this helps you become more involved in your children 's education and lives. This lets you know and understand what your children are doing in school. When you have difficulty being involved in your children 's education, your children also have difficulty figuring out how to be involved and take interest in their own education. Many of you want to "leave the teaching to the teachers" (School is the Place for Parents…) because you believe schools play a more imperative role in your children 's education than you do, but you don 't realize that you are the ones that influence your children 's attitude about educati...

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...chool with the air condition on. You can make your kids realize the importance to their education even though you might not have the ability or the skills to help them in school.
Many parents say they don 't have the time to assist their children in school work, while many say they lack the knowledge and education. Are these reasonable explanations, which let some of you neglect their responsibility towards your children 's education? Many of you who face these problems can help by just simply making sure that your children takes education seriously. One way to do this is if you can make sure that even though you don 't have time to help your children do their homework; your children have enough time to do their own homework. This can be accomplished by busy parents making schedules for their children and setting time on their extra activities and on their bedtime.

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