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Myanmar has suffered under the military junta rule for most of its independent political existence. Despite growing local pressure and international criticism of the military government in Myanmar, the military junta remains in control by denying all basic freedoms including the media, public protest and civil society. The poor governance in Myanmar has brought about poverty, poor health care, low educational standards and systematic human rights abuses. The reason this essay only focus on children’s right violation is because the researcher look children as the most vulnerable members of society have been disproportionately affected by all these factors.

According to the regime, children are the ‘jewels’ of Burma, and are cared for, respected and well protected, physically and psychologically by every member of society. The large body of information collected in 2002 by NGOs, Interest groups and opposition groups disagree with these claims, and provide clear evidence that children in Myanmar cannot depend on the government. There are so many violations that can be seen done by the government towards the child in Myanmar but I decided to focus more on:

i. The Status of Health

Children are disproportionately affected by the regime’s lack of support for health care. The World Health Organization (WHO) found Myanmar’s health care system to be extremely poor due to the government expenditures on health in 2002 equal to only 2.2% of GDP. The SPDC spends the majority of state funds on increasing the size and strength of the military, not protecting the health of future generations. The regime’s failure to invest in children has had direct and visible consequences.

Despite claims by the SPDC that, ‘the health situation ...

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