Essay about Children, Pregnancy, And Birth

Essay about Children, Pregnancy, And Birth

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Caution: attending the Smokey Mountain Moonshine tasting multiple times in a row can cause unplanned pregnancy, #springbreak. Being 36 weeks pregnant as a student in the human sexuality class is interesting to say the least. Some of the material we cover is very closely related to material I have been reading in my What to Expect When Expecting book. However the interesting part of this course is listening to the quiet whispers or gag noises when we talk about childbirth or what is happening to a pregnant person’s body, you just think it’s gross, I’m actually living it. I know that being 23 and pregnant is viewed differently by each individual, however I am taking the responsibility to prepare myself to be a good mother. One of the ways by which I am doing this is reading different books about children, pregnancy, and Birth. Birth seemed like the perfect choice when looking through the approved book lists. This was the only book that I felt would be an appropriate read, for the others would simply give me an anxiety attack waking up every night wondering if my child would be born a transvestite, or spying on my boyfriend to see if he ever engages in the act of watching porn (because its ruining families). However, do not let it fool you, the word birth might paint a beautiful picture of the easy childbirth with the sweet embrace of a mother and her newborn, but this is not what you get from Tina Casidy’s Birth.
Cassidy far from paints a picture of the happy, easy going childbirth in her novel Birth. Instead she describes all of the problems that can happen during childbirth, and all of the screw-ups that we have had for the past 400 years. We can see that our education in child-birthing has grown over the years, which leaves mot...

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...Although many believe that this is simply harmless, it is not the way that nature intended the birthing process to be.
By the end of this book, the placenta pizza and the placenta cocktail might have your stomach turning even more than it had throughout the book. Being honest, as much fear and uneasiness that this book brought to me, I must say that it was very well written, and it was an easy read to comprehend. It was very interesting, mixing its facts with some slight humor which makes it easy to continue reading across the days. All in all I would give this book a three star rating. I would most likely give it a four star rating if I was not expecting to give birth within the following weeks, for then I would have found the information much more interesting rather than fearful. To be an educational read, it has to be one of the more interesting ones out there.

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