Children Of The Second Generation Essay

Children Of The Second Generation Essay

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Children of immigrant parents grow up in a unique and not always easy situation. Living daily with their parents and family traditions and cultures they must also adapt in order to blend in with the multicultural society they participate in each day. Known as second-generation Canadians, these children often have a great many issues facing them every day. Caught in between two worlds, they deal with the traditions of their families as well as a good deal of mockery, bullying, and prejudice from their contemporaries until they conform to societal norm.
According to predictions by the Canadian Council on Social Development, "by 2016, foreign-born youth and Canadian-born youth from immigrant families will make up a quarter of the country’s population." The term for youth born of immigrant parents is called second-generation Canadians. First generation is the parents who immigrated, and third generation is the children of the second generation themselves. Second- generation Canadians then, are the focus of this paper because they are the children who have to overcome the obstacles surrounding the cultural norm as well as trying to understand the needs of the family unit and to embrace their own cultures. This is a tightrope these kids walk on, one that causes differences at home and also issues with peers and outsiders. The saddest of these situations is bullying.
Possibly the worst thing that can happen to any child is bullying and often the more prevalent place it occurs is in school and/or extracurricular activities, by their peers and social groups. Unfortunately, this seems to be a major issue especially for the children of immigrant parents. Bullying happens everywhere, but for the second-generation Canadian chil...

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One of the issues facing a breakdown in communication between family and child is that the child often learns the new language quicker in order to fulfill that need to belong. The need to blend is powerful and for it to be done effectively and without conflict it needs to be utilized at home as well. Often, when children learn they in turn begin to lose their own native identity and the parents try desperately to cling to that. "In order to construct a positive personal identity, children need to spend time with people who share the cultural characteristics of their family and community as well as with Canadian-born peers and those of other immigrant groups. Immigrant children need a sense of belonging, a sense of pride in themselves and their extended families and the ability to maintain their home language while learning English so that they can

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