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Children Of The 1920s And 1920s Essay

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Nursing units today, need to be ran like a well-oiled machine. In order to do this, everyone that makes up the nursing unit needs to understand their co-workers and what drives them professionally. There are four generations that make-up todays nursing units. I believe, if everyone had a clear understanding of what generations encompass their nursing unit there will be less conflict in the nursing unit and a better understanding of what drives each individual professionally. Which in turn, leads to nurses spending more time at the patient’s bedside, better patient care given and thus improved patient outcomes.
“The Veteran Generation (Born between 1922 and 1945) was also known as the war generation, the silent generation and traditionalists (Murray, 2013, p. 38).As children, members of this generation were expected to be “seen and not heard” (Weston, 2006). They were taught that their parents, teachers and other authority figures were to be obeyed (Weston, 2006). The children of the 1920s and 1930s witnessed the Great Depression, lived through the destruction and genocide of World War II, came of age in the Cold War, built the entire infrastructure of the modern world, manufactured and used the atomic bomb, landed a man on the moon and virtually eliminated polio, tuberculosis, and whooping cough (Duchscher & Cowin, 2004, p. 494). The Veteran generation’s principal contribution to our cultural mind set is illustrated by the phrase “old fashioned family values” (Duchscher & Cowin, 2004, p. 494).
By the time this generation entered the workforce, the war and depression had ended and economic prosperity had become widespread (Weston, 2006). With this, the middle class emerged and were able to thrive on a single family income (Wes...

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... individuals who make up the nursing unit need to have a keen awareness of their co-workers and the generation they fall in. When individuals are knowledgeable in the different generations that encompass the nursing field we can better navigate conflict. When a nurse is educated about generational awareness they tend to understand the different generations and how they function in the work environment. With that said, understanding generational differences in your workplace environment leads to better understanding of your co-workers and what drives them professionally. When we can do this, it will lead to less workplace conflict, and with less conflict nurses will have more time at the bedside. When the nurse is able to spend more time at the bedside, the patient will receive better patient care and the hospital as a whole will have better patient outcomes.

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