Essay about Children Of The Foster Care System

Essay about Children Of The Foster Care System

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As of 2014, there were over 415,000 children in the foster care system. Foster care is the raising and supervision of children in a private home, group home, or institution, by individuals engaged and paid by a social service agency (Legal Dictionary, 2016). Care givers can be of kin relationship to the child, or may not know the child at all. Group homes are run by a social worker and can house multiple children at a time. These homes are usually regulated by the state and/or government. Children of all ages go through many emotions when their lives revolve in foster care. This paper will discuss the emotions children deal with regarding separation from birth family, the effects of abuse, and the possibility of having to transition out of care without a family.
Many children in foster care are separated from their birth family due to poverty. Per the National Center on Family Homelessness, “homeless children are at particularly high risk for being placed in foster care. 12% of homeless children are placed in foster care compared to just over 1% of other children” (Kane, 2013). If a parent is unable to take care of their child, the government steps in and places the child into foster care. The government then takes responsibility of these children. Many families that lose custody of their children, repossess the custody down the line, but for those who are not able to, those children are left in the system. Children often will experience separation anxiety from their birth families, especially with toddlers and older children. “Children in foster care are a vulnerable population in poor health, partially because of their early life circumstances” (Turney, Wildeman, 2016). Not only will the child have anxiety from being separated...

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...Strangler, 2013). There are many mixed feelings about turning 18 and leaving foster care behind for these adolescents. They must learn how to take care of themselves and learn how to make a living. They have fear of the uncertainty but also eagerness to be out of the system.
In conclusion, children who are in the foster care system, endure many emotions though out their experience. They must deal with the anxiety of the separation from their birth family, often, the only loved ones they know of. The children who enter foster care, thinking they are safe, that are placed with abusive foster parents must deal with those emotions. Many cases go unheard about, due to the children thinking that no one will listen. Lastly, adolescents who become too old to be in the system, must come to realization of having to take care of themselves and learn what they need to do next.

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