Children Of The Couch And Television Essay

Children Of The Couch And Television Essay

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A recent US Census report from 2014 announces that nearly six out of ten children participate in extracurricular activities (Commerce). The census also reported that 57% of children between six and seventeen years old participate in at least one after school extracurricular activity (Commerce). These children that participate in extracurricular are gaining social skills, physical gains, and help with the rest of their lives. This is why I think children should be forced to do extracurriculars by their parents. Even if children don’t see the benefits when their younger, there are many reasons why it is important for children to explore activities outside of the couch and television.
The first reason extracurricular activities are beneficial to children are by helping them socially. Though extracurricular activities children make new friends fast, expressing the same hobby as someone else is great way to make a friend. Sometimes if the activity is disconnected from the child’s school the child can form relationships with people they would’ve never met without that activity. Studies by Hartup and Stevens show that the amount friends and the quality of those friendships are important in shaping a child’s psychosocial adjustments (Fredricks and Simpkins 7). Being socially competent came especially help children transitioning making big transitions in their lives. For example, a big event in an adolescent’s life is the transition from middle school to high school. It can be hard making new friends at a new, bigger school. Teachers often rate students as being more popular if they were consistently involved in a school-based activity during their youth (Fredricks and Simpkins 58). Children also learn social cues through extracurricula...

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...f. This mischief could be drugs, alcohol, or porn; things bored kids with nothing to do get into. Lastly, although children should be pushed to do something, they should not be forced to do activities they don’t want to do. It might be a process but children should be allowed to explore activities until they find the one they like and most benefit from. Whether that is a sport, or chess club, or even band. Being forced into a lifelong activity the child does not like could lead to resentment or lack of effort in the activity which defeats the purpose.
In conclusion, although extracurricular activities can be expensive and time consuming, they are worth the trouble they cause. Children become socially developed, physically and mentally fit, and are better prepared for life through extracurricular activities. They will thank their parents for being pushed later.

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