Children Of Men : The Key For A Revolutionary Revolt Against The Government

Children Of Men : The Key For A Revolutionary Revolt Against The Government

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What’s so amazing about people is the little things push people to do dramatic and outrageous things, without actually thinking about the effect of their actions, most people seem to continue to make radical decisions. The most reoccurring thing that ticks people off is the controversial decision to separate or judge someone based on what racial background they come from, this has been a huge issue for what seem like forever and honestly what seems like an never ending issue for people around the world no matter their race, sex, age, or financial background. In the film Children of Men, the entire plot is based on a pregnant immigrate whose baby is the key for a revolutionary revolt against the government. The government is the film based majority of their focus on immigration and sending people back to where they were from and taking out any terrorist that may eventually harm the well-being of people in the UK, the reason this is so relevant is because while everyone focus was immigration there was so much going on that could’ve prevented all of that from happening but because of the ignorance it just left the world even more separated than before. This film reflects current issues going on today in the real world, this essay will explore the realistic things this film talks about such as immigration and how focusing on more important things could’ve made a huge impact on the people inside the film and the real world.
The film deals heavily on the subject of immigration and deportation surrounding, inside the film there are scenes where there are immigrates inside of cages due to them being caught and being departed. The sad thing about this is most immigrates who are in the cage suffered so many depressing and horrific things ...

... middle of paper ...

...nd and etc. The people of the US have enough problems to worry about but this seems to be a bigger issue among other issues.
In conclusion, the film tackles issues most films try to tackle but never succeeds but due research and a beautiful plot the film ultimately gets its idea out to the viewer or audience that is watching it, the film also tackle other issues but this issues of immigration seem to stand out just because of the injustice that most characters go through throughout the film and how relatable this film is compared to the real world. The film is beautifully laid out to be somewhat as a future prediction of how the might be set up, which seems like it is coming true each and every day. This is what makes this film so relevant and worthy of writing a research essay on, because of the deeper meaning the film holds and the controversial plot of the film.

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