Children of Divorce: The Negative Consequences Essay

Children of Divorce: The Negative Consequences Essay

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An analysis of the divorce process shows that post divorce, not only do the parents, but the children ultimately suffer negatively from the consequences of the situation at large. Each year over 1 million American children suffer the divorce of their parents, and over 50% of marriages will end up in divorce (Heritage). It not only takes months, but sometimes even years for some children to get back onto a healthy track with their families.

The perfect American family, it’s portrayed everywhere. It’s portrayed in magazines, posters, on billboards, and even in some TV shows. But you have to wonder why. Why is something that seems so hard to achieve being portrayed as though it’s something easy to do? Fact of the matter is, it isn’t easy. It takes both parents to strive to make each other better. When one has a suggestion, the other takes it into consideration. Marriage is a two-way street. One can’t make a marriage work by themselves. Some families struggle for years before the word “divorce” becomes a topic of conversation. Divorce is devastating news for everyone. It breaks the hearts of many, especially the children involved. “Children of divorce are among the most abused members of society,” (Children of Divorce pg 41). Not only do the children suffer emotionally, but some often suffer financially as well.

Children’s age at the time of their parent’s divorce and children’s gender have emerged as important considerations in attempts to understand how experiencing parents’ divorce affects children’s adjustment (pg. 402). Breaking the news of a divorce to a child is never an easy situation for either parent involved. Some studies illustrate children whose parent’s divorce when they were in pre-school show more long-term ad...

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