Essay about Children Of A Lesser God

Essay about Children Of A Lesser God

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Children of a Lesser God is focused around an attractive young and deaf woman named Sarah. Sarah was known as a former intelligent, honors graduate student who was perceived to be extremely bitter. Sarah did not fully utilize her academic talents, which led her to taking the janitorial position at the school she once attended for the deaf in New England. James, the newly hired speech professor, was creative with his teaching techniques. James wanted these students to have a better perception for somatic sensations around them such as vibration and elicited that by playing loud rock music. He also encouraged vocalization. Upon meeting Sarah, James falls in love instantly and Sarah does not reciprocate initially but with time the attraction for one another leads to a complicated romance. Dr. Franklin, the principal is very protective with Sarah and warns James not to get involved with her. Sarah’s father walked away from her life when she was young and had a distant relationship with her mother.
There are some similarities between the descriptions in our book Exploring Communication Disorders a 21st century Introduction through literature and media and the movie. For instance, Sarah was diagnosed with mental retardation due to the lack of speech and language developmental skills she had. “ Sometimes, in real life, children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing are misdiagnosed as mentally deficient”(Tanner, 2012). However, such misdiagnoses were common in the past than present day due to limited information and knowledge. Our texts indicate that a primary source of communication for deaf individuals is sign language, which was Sarah’s way of communication with others. Auditory training is also used, as mentioned earlier when James playe...

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...y people would overlook. Sarah displayed the journey, the feelings and, possible conflicts that people may experience with or as deaf individuals. Sarah portrayed an individual with profound deafness although it is not to say that she solely represented all individuals with hearing loss and deafness. I was intrigued by the scenario where Sarah and James decide to put their communication differences aside and give their relationship a second chance. The film has given me a better understanding of how important communication is. It also gave me an inside look into the pride that deaf people take in their culture and how they do not always view being deaf as an impairment or disability. This knowledge will be helpful when dealing with deaf individuals and their families and comprehending the dynamic relationship that takes place between the hearing and hearing-impaired

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