Children Need to Play Not Compete Essay

Children Need to Play Not Compete Essay

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There is a contradiction in the mind of teenagers which has been difficult to transcend. The issue of making right decision on the activities they are to embark on and whose counsel to follow has been of high importance to teenagers. Teenagers in the present age find themselves in a tight situation with decision making in that their school psychologists made them realise that being happy is based on the ability to make friends and the development of skills. Meanwhile, teachers and parents advised that, happiness lies on competing and outperforming others.
However to teenagers happiness means fame, position, joy, contentment and having peace of mind. Just as Paul Brenner asserted in his book “If life is a game why am I not having fun” He quoted that “Happiness is success” (1). Looking at it from the teenagers’ perspective of happiness, play to them means happiness and happiness means success. Accordingly there is vast distinction between one accomplishing his goal to be happy, and to accomplish happily.
In the essay “Children Needs to play not compete” Jessica Statsky talked on some of health, physical and psychological reasons children should not be allowed to indulge in competitive games or sports. She appealed to the parents and coaches or game masters on the implications and dangers of organised sports and She argued that competitive sports may harm teenagers both physically and mentally. Statsky in the book stated that sports generally are organised activity irrespective of how it’s being organised either locally or nationally or internationally. She also persuaded that both contact and non contact sports played by kindergarten have side effects on the children either as a competitor or as spectator; hence they should not be...

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...orts are eradicated they will always develop another avenue of injuring their self, so Statsky’s perspective on the disadvantage of teenagers indulging on competitive sports is flawless.
Looking back at Statskys essay she noted that children quits sports mostly “apart from their change in interest” but also because of “…lack of playing time, failure and fear of failure, disapproval by significant others and psychological stress ” (3) one will agree with me that teenagers are influenced by the parents, coaches and their friends. This group of people are considered as outside forces in every sport thereby making them loose interest in sports and not the sport discouraging the children from indulging. I do not agree that competitive sport is derailing Children advantage to partake in sporting competitions; rather it tends to develop their skills, needs and abilities.

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