Children Need The Sense Of Initiative Essay

Children Need The Sense Of Initiative Essay

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Teachers tend to have a different outlook on the word “freedom” than the parents may. Given that we have an educated background on developmentally appropriate practices, it sometimes may look like the educational needs of the children are not being addressed if a parent were to walk through to door and see their child playing. However, that is not the case! Freedom and choices are important for children in a classroom. Children are not successful when a teacher gives them instructions on how to do every little thing and then gives them work sheets and abstract materials. Children need the sense of initiative. (Page 167) That is not an effective way of teaching. We as college students do not like to sit down and fill out paperwork straight out of the textbook, we like to do projects and hands on work, throwing us into the field that we are learning in. It creates a personal experience. Children need a creative and colorful environment to learn it. One that has lots of options to choose from, but also allows them to feel secure and comfortable. Appropriate furniture, space, and materials should be present. The environment should encourage learning through creativity and PLAY. Learning occurs through hands on play. When a child is engaged with an activity that they had the option of picking, they are likely to learn more from it than an option that the teacher picks for them. Before choices can be made available, teachers must first understand the importance of choices and provide appropriate activities to choose from. Allowing children to make their own choices not only promotes them to be eager to learn, but it also helps their cognitive development, moral development, and their “self” development. On top of that it allows them to...

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...portant in the classroom, it is still important that teachers follow and create a curriculum. This is what we base the activities and choices that the students have off of. Teaching and control are still present in the environment, but choices and involvement of the children are also there. It can almost be described as a joint effort of teamwork between the students and teachers because when the students are having fun and learning, they are more willing to reach out and explore new ideas with the help of their teacher. Even though the children are allowed to make their own reasonable choices in the classroom, there should still be a schedule that they follow. This promotes organization and the children to realize “hey after we do this, we do this, and then its lunch time.” It teaches them a sense of order and allows them to recognize the time of the day that it is.

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