Children Need The Assurance Of Being Loved And Cared For While They Are Enjoying An Educational Environment

Children Need The Assurance Of Being Loved And Cared For While They Are Enjoying An Educational Environment

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 Children
I believe Children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. Each and child has the right to be safe, loved, nurtured, respected and valued. Therefore, I will provide holistic supports of the children needs and interests in a nurturing, familial environment that helps children to develop their sense of secure in order to foster the children’s development across all developmental domains.

I believe children need time to explore, experiment, learn and create. Therefore, I will provide children with the developmentally appropriate environment, various of opportunities and experiences, adequate time for them to explore, in order to develop a plethora of skills in exploration, self-discovery, social interactions and problem-solving among others.

I believe children have the right to have their needs met and receive the proper education while in the care of the caregivers. Therefore, I will ensure each child’s unique needs are recognized and every child is treated as a very special individual with immense potential.

I believe children are motivated to learn when they have opportunities to make a choice in an environment that is enriching and stimulating. Children are curious and have a desire to learn from their environment and those around them. Therefore, as an educator, I seek to guide children from needing assistance with a task to accomplish independently by providing experiences that are challenging for each child. I will facilitate learning through promoting play-based activities and experiences.

I believe that as children participate in everyday life, they develop personal interests and construct their own identities and understanding of the world. It is ...

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...s, continual improvement through a reflection of our own practices and procedures.

I believe that the role as an educator is to be a facilitator and provide enrich activities so that children are supported as they learn about their strength and work on their weaknesses. Therefore, I will support children to make discoveries about themselves and recognize their feelings, provide children with a rich environment where they feel safe to explore, initiate learning, and feel free to express themselves.

I believe the role of an educator is to support children to adopt an attitude and respect and caring for others and a deep sense of their own obligations to other life. Therefore, I will assist children to develop the skills and understanding they need to interact positively with others. Helping children to learn about their responsibilities to others and to community,

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