Children Must Deal With Physical, Emotional, And Psychological Changes Essay

Children Must Deal With Physical, Emotional, And Psychological Changes Essay

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Growing up is hard to do, especially for children! Times are changing and so many expectations from parents depict who children should be and how should they turn out. Children wish they could say to mom or dad if only you were in my shoes. Children must deal with physical, emotional, and psychological changes that help them evolve and change over the course of their life. It was once said by Anne Frank “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” Parents try to instill the best guidance and structure for their children. However factors such as environmental and societal aspects can contribute to a child progressing in life. Peers and social status play a role in where children find them selves and helps influence and contribute to how a child’s character and personality is shaped and formed.
Nurture is the care and encouragement of growth and development within an individual. As children our parents and guardians use morals and beliefs that are portrayed to be significantly right to culturally raise us. Nonetheless children are exposed to environmental and societal influences that help them pick up common skills from other children. Judith Harris’s ideology “Nurture Assumption” was written to remonstrate how a child’s personality and character is shaped. Parents use guidance to implement children with ideas day to day to help them advance in life. Although parents “help shape a child’s personality” the question is how effective does parents interactions at home contribute to child’s behavior or are there other factors?
A study was conducted to decipher how children may perceive to act accordingly when around their parents however when...

... middle of paper ... act and dress accordingly if that means wearing a dress, applying makeup, and wearing shoes or heels. When “they” dress the part of a female, “they” are socially accepted receiving compliments and men flirt. However when going against the social norms again people stare as if they’re is not humane.
In a new and progressing society people need to come to terms with the fact socially people are evolving and changing over a course of time. Although gender and sex have been around for a long time, it’s unfair to judge another person’s living style or sexual orientation just because gender role and credentials don’t meet the norm. Culturally one thing might be acceptable as oppose to another. As a society individuals shouldn’t have the ability to make others feel uncomfortable living their life. Accepting other for who they are should be acknowledged as the new norm.

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