Children, Hunger, And Poverty Essay

Children, Hunger, And Poverty Essay

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Throughout the years, poverty has remained a stumbling block to our economic growth in our grandiose nation. The dilemma will not allow our country to advance if nothing potent is done about the dilemma. Poverty is a problem because houses are expensive. The lack of higher education in the lower class is an effect to poverty. The struggle to afford nutritious food is also a problem because you need a healthy brain to be able to study and learn better. The article “Children, Hunger, and Poverty” describes the situation this way: “A hungry world will never be a secure world, and it can never be a just world, especially for those too young to voice their pleas for food” (Raphel, np.). For example, being born into a low economic class family made my life difficult growing up.
When my parents got engaged, they visited here from Mexico in the early 1990’s, looking for the American Dream. My parents only completed part of their high school education because they needed to help bring income to their family in Mexico. My dad would come to Kansas during harvest seasons with his older brother and make some money to bring back to Mexico. My mom tagged along with my younger sister who was a year old at that time, since she wanted to be by my dad’s side. During harvest season of 1996, my mom got pregnant and decided to have me here in America. Once she had me here, she would return back to Mexico, where she had more family support. We had some family in America, but at that time they also had not been here long, so they were struggling to survive as well.
I was born in 1997 in Garden City, Kansas. Something that I will never forget is how many times we moved into different houses. We had to move from house-to-house because the rent cost ended...

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...your own, looking for different apartments to live in can be pretty tough if you are looking for something cheap. There are some for a one bedroom apartment that ends up costing you almost seven-hundred dollars a month, that is after utilities but still fairly expensive for someone living in the lower economic class. Especially if you have medical bills, car payments, or other bills to pay. The article “NDB Makes Home Financing More Affordable” describes the situation this way:
There are many financial and personal reasons why you would want your own home rather than [living] on rent. The most obvious reasons would include the pride of ownership and the sense of stability that come with building your own equity. One of the often overlooked reasons for owning a home, however, is the freedom you enjoy once you have achieved this major goal in life (“NBD Makes,” n.p.).

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