Children : Healthy And Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Children : Healthy And Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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America has struggled balancing out what it’s considered to be healthy. Children look at skinny as the definition of healthy and do not realize that not every “fat” person is unhealthy and not every skinny person is healthy. It’s not to be skinny but to live a healthier lifestyle. Children consume food from their schools and homes almost every day, so what they eat is not in their control necessarily. Parents and schools lack knowledge on what they feed their children, and because they lack knowledge it causes children to become overweight or obese.
Parents are busy most of the day, so finding quick ways to feed their children is the most convenient thing to do. “Parents between ages 25 to 54 who live with children under the age of 18 work on average 8.9 hours a day in the year 2014” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). With working many hours it is hard to cook meals every night during weekdays. Most people eat out, about “55%of people eat fast food during the week” (Alfano). Fast food is just easier; it gives parents time to settle in at home after work and children to get homework or showers in before bed. Cooking meals come with having to clean a decent amount of dishes which is inconvenient for everything that needs done after school and before bed. Unsurprisingly, “17% of people eat a home cooked meal 7 nights a week”, 17% is very low compared to the people who eat fast food during the week (Alfano). Families do not always eat out each day a week, some manage to eat a home cooked meal “2-3 nights a week” that is at least “27%” of the people surveyed (Alfano). Not eating nutritious home cooked meals really affect children because “when people aren’t cooking as much, you can’t control the amount of fat, sugar and salt that’s in the f...

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...a better time recognizing the food and distributes it properly (Rettner). Arguably, parents and schools are to blame for childhood obesity, but if all food companies advertised their food to the truest form then parents and schools wouldn’t have an excuse finding healthier foods and telling the difference.
Making better decisions leads to better outcome. If parents and schools gain more knowledge on healthier foods and a healthy lifestyle then the chances of childhood obesity decreasing are higher. Also, if food companies truthfully advertise and explain calories of their products for example, it could decrease the amount of children affected by obesity. Parents and schools need to take the initiative to figure what foods are best for their children. At the end of the day, beneficial decisions need to be made when it comes to what is appropriate for a child’s health.

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