Children from Divorced Families Essay

Children from Divorced Families Essay

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Divorce rates in America are around 50 percent. More than half of these divorces involve
children under 18. Therefore about 40 percent of children in the world will be affected by
divorce. About one in three children will live in a household that involves a step parent.
(SandfordM. Portnoy)
Though its controversial, children that are affected by divorce will develop some kind of
psycological condition. Academic,behavior and even health all play a factor in divorce.
It is also controversial on how long these conditions will last in children. A study was
done on children who still have an intact family compared to the children who have divorced
parents. Hetherington said that 2 years after the divorce the children affected are not much
different than the children not effected. He also said that children tend to get better for a while
than go downhill in early adult years. .
Amato states that children from divorced families compared to children with families still
married are more likely to have psycologiocal conditions into adulthood.
Children growing up from divorce is more of a struggle than a child whose parents are
still intact. They can strugglw with psychological problem or stress. They can show signs of
depression, lower self esteem. The females are more likely to become depressed where as the
males from divorced families are more than likely to become hopeless. This is said to be present
in adulthood too.
After a divorce the mother usually takes the children to live with her. Usually the mother
has the lower income than the father therefore, the living situation changes usually for the worse
because the mother can no longer afford to buy them clothes as much and provide as nice of a

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...f friends they changed their
friends to feel more useful. These groupof children did well as adults.
The second group they called competent caring.This group of children tended to be very
caring toward people and looked to help people.
The third group they called competent –at-a-costThis pattern was developed in the adult
years. They were successful in everything but they had depression and low self esteem.
The forth group was called the good enough. This groupscored average in all the other
groups. They were average in functions and adapting to their new life.
The fifth group was called aggressive-insecure-. This was the worst group they came
from the abusive divorces. They developed allot of psychological problems, including anger and
stress. They had the highest suicide attempt within the groups and they turned to drugs and

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