Children Experience During The Left Brain After Traumatic Events Occur Essay

Children Experience During The Left Brain After Traumatic Events Occur Essay

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Children experience decreased development in the left brain when traumatic events occur (Network, n.d.). Imagine being a child and growing up with these types of events occurring. A traumatic event in a child’s life can cause a child to experience a long lasting negative effect. Life events are happening everywhere and more often in the lives of children (Understanding Child Traumatic Stress, n.d.). Trauma can cause them to do three things. First, they try to see what the danger is and how serious it is. Secondly there are strong emotional and physical reactions. Thirdly they attempt to come up with what to do that can help them with the danger. Traumatic events can cause a child to develop differently, which effects the young child stage, school-age stage, and the adolescent stage.
There are moments when traumatic events occur causing a young child to feel helpless (Understanding Child Traumatic Stress, n.d.). At a stage like this, and feeling this way can be dangerous for a young child’s development. For example, On the ABC show called “The Family”, young Adam was kidnapped during his mother’s rally to promote becoming the mayor. In this situation, his kidnapping affected the whole family in traumatic ways. It effected Adam tremendously because he was only 8-years-old during the kidnapping. Adam would hope that his family would find him. But, as time went on he realized he would never be found (“Sweet Jane” The Family, ABC, Television). Adam was never found because he got sick and passed while he was being held captive. There was another child with him, named Ben, which was also being held captive. Ben was finally able to escape from his captor. When a child loses hope, as Adam did, they never develop a healthy level of hopeful...

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... but to let reality unfold for each person according to the individual 's own experience, interpretation, and understanding (Studies, n.d.). Once a person is able to release the hardships that they are having their life becomes less confusing.
In, conclusion, when a traumatic event occurs to a child it can cause horrifying effects through their life. Those effects can last a long time and even grow into something larger as time passes. Traumatic events can have a large impact on children lives. Not only can it effect the child’s life but it can even last through the school-age, and the adolescent stage of life. These events can have a lasting impression in their life. There is a way to decrease these long lasting effect, by going to therapy. The more the child can process and connect to the issue; the more it can ease the mind and allow the child to feel stress free.

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