Children Deaths from Faith-Healing Essay

Children Deaths from Faith-Healing Essay

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It is estimated that around a dozen U.S. children will die in faith-healing cases each year. Typically associated with Christianity, Faith healing is founded on the belief that certain people or places have the ability to cure and heal sickness, disease, or injuries. Typically this “healing” is associated by a close connection to a higher power through prayer, divine intervention, or the ministration of an individual who claims himself as a healer. Faith has been scientifically proven in the field psychology to yield benefits to health. Although faith has promised a greater wellbeing for many individual’s lives, it has yet to be a significant replacement for medication many people but relaying on faith as a means for medication.
During the summer, I heard of a story that seemed very controversial and I demanded to learn more of the subject. The story covered by nearly all NEWS stations ridiculed the fact that parents are leaning towards faith-healing instead of medicine when their children are. Typically this situation becomes aware when a parent believing in faith-healing takes their practice too far and the children suffer dire consequences. An article that demonstrates the importance of change and awareness of faith healing is of two parents who are found guilty of murder after their second child dies from pneumonia because they prayed and seek people who claimed to have healing powers through Christ.
The story begins in Philadelphia and unfortunately this is not the first case of a child dying from faith-healing. The victim, Brandon Schaible died from bacterial pneumonia, dehydration, and a group B streptococcus infection (Lattanzio). The parents Herbert and Catherine Schaible have pleaded no consent for their trials which...

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Although only a small percentage of children are dying from faith-healing practices, the awareness needs to be brought to the public. Faith in a religion has many benefits but the idea of abandoning medicine is bad for ones wellbeing. Precautionary signs of illness in infants must be treated immediately. Medicine alongside faith is the ideal situation in which many lives will be saved. Holding faith has proven to be positive for many people but one must take cautionary action when treating illnesses with faith healing as their only medicine. Faith healing and medicine collectively used with one another can yield the highest rates of recovery and general wellbeing, through reducing stress, relieving pain and anxiety, and increasing the desire to live. When the human body is able to release these stressors, one’s health has an increased rate of being cured.

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