Children Commiting Murder: Too Young to Kill Essay

Children Commiting Murder: Too Young to Kill Essay

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In the twenty first century there have been many cases of kids committing murder, whether it is the relationships they hold at home or the video games they play, the environment a child is exposed to will affect their developmental process. Children are supposed to be innocent and pure without the desire to kill, yet in the last 50 years official statistics on suggest that over 1,100 kids have been found guilty of murder in England alone. The average age of a child that kills is just about fourteen years old. These kids are usually brought up in an environment that does not teach them right from wrong.
Children are usually known for their innocence and happiness but this is not always the case for every child. The environment a child grows up in affects them for the rest of their life. Growing up in a bad household can set a child up to live an unusual life. Children that are abused by their parents are more likely to form psychiatric issues. Dr. Ken Magid, a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of severely abused children, says in Child of Rage, “These children have been so traumatized in the first years of life that they cannot form a bond with other people. These children do not have a conscience and they can hurt or even kill without any feelings of remorse.” Children must be able to form normal, healthy relationships at home in order to develop a normal conscience. The child interviewed displayed so much hate and resent towards males all because her birth father would rape her when she was thirteen months old. She talked about trying to kill her own brother and did not even seem disturbed from her intentions. Everything that happens to a young child will affect them for the rest of their life...

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