Essay about Children At The Age Of Four

Essay about Children At The Age Of Four

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Jonas was taken through a number of exercises that helped display his social, language, cognitive, and physical development as a four-year-old. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a list of social, language, cognitive, and physical developments on their website for all ages of children (“Important Milestones,” 2016). For social development, the list says that children at the age of four enjoy doing new things. This could be observed in Jonas’s enthusiasm to perform all the tasks presented to him. The list also says a four-year-old will talk about what he likes and is interested in. Jonas enjoyed talking about his favorite animals, and his favorite activities. For language development, the CDC says that children Jonas’s age should know some basic rules of grammar. Jonas could be observed using pronouns such as “I,” “he,” or “she” throughout the video. For cognitive development, the CDC expects that four-year-olds should be able to understand the idea of counting, the idea of time, and the idea of same and different. Jonas was able to understand counting, as observed through his ability to count on his fingers the number of people in his family. Jonas could grasp time, as observed through his concept of how long it takes to get to California. Jonas seemed to have only a partial grasp on the idea of same and different. When it came to grouping pens or blocks, Jonas could understand the difference in size and color. However, Jonas didn’t seem to have as good of a grasp of what made him and his female friend Eva different. Instead of pointing out physical traits like hair color or length, Jonas talked about what he did with Eva instead. We might expect most children Jonas’s age to have a better grasp on the concept...

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...Around age 4 or 5, children learn to change their speech style to suit the situation” (Santrock, 2014). This activity had to feel like quite the formal ordeal for Jonas. I felt that certain tendencies in his speech displayed an advance in his pragmatics. With a professor asking him questions, Jonas seemed to answer in the most formal and polite manner he could. It would have been interesting to also see Jonas interact with a two-year-old to see if he would stoop his speech to a lower level.
Overall, I think Jonas displayed almost all the characteristics we would expect to see from a healthy four-year-old. This is not surprising, as Jonas had a mother and an extended family who seemed to care about him very much. Jonas was likely nurtured and cared for during his infancy and early childhood years in a way that constituted his healthy behavior now and into the future.

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