Essay on The Children As Learners, The Curriculum, And The Purpose Of Schools

Essay on The Children As Learners, The Curriculum, And The Purpose Of Schools

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“Teach the children, so it will not be necessary to teach the adults” is a famous quote by our former president Abraham Lincoln. In modern days, we are schooling instead of educating. This produces an uninformed society who is trained to spit out information instead retaining it. My hometown, Scranton, also known as “the Electric City”, has an abundance of ignorant citizens. It was a very toxic community to grow up in. This affected the youth in the community by not projecting their potential into their minds. To have a well-educated populace, we need to make sure we graduate well-rounded youth after grade school. I believe this can be achieved by following common-core guidelines, while also striking their creativity within the subjects so that they are retaining information, not only memorizing it. I will discuss my beliefs on the roles of the teacher, the children as learners, the curriculum, and the purpose of schools in society.
Teachers are highly influential elements in children’s lives. They enrich a student’s personality, help them find themselves, and most importantly educate them to become intelligent adults. A teacher’s responsibility in the classroom should be to educate students the common curriculum while utilizing the information in a way that can inspire their minds. Too often, we see teachers that hand out plain work such as answering questions silently and individually. Or sometimes we see the exact opposite- a teacher who does not provide a backbone for the work. This makes it so that there was nothing in the assignment that pertained to the content, and therefore preventing any relevant learning to the subject. Teachers should also serve an influential role in society. They should be advocates for their bel...

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...nce, once the information fun to learn, the rest goes by smoothly.

I believe that an effective output of scholars can be made by educating students, not schooling them. Retaining information is the key to learning, as for memorizing it does not allow us to utilize our knowledge in everyday situations. I have discussed what I believe the role of teachers should be, what the role of students should be, how the curriculum in schools should be based, and what the role of schools in society is. Producing well-educated individuals will create a better society in the long run. I will close with yet another quote from the famous Abraham Lincoln and his account on education- “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next”. This is supporting my beliefs on what we produce in schools will be what our world’s future holds.

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